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How to protect yourself from Scammers

Have you received a fake trade email or SMS?

Criminals/scammers will try to impersonate AVI by creating fake AVI emails, SMS’s and even websites. The email or website may appear to be legitimate as they often copy AVI branding and imagery.

Identifying fake AVI emails and SMS

AVI will not send you an SMS (they are all fake). Fake SMS will often ask you to “click this link to update your AVI trade login details” or “click here to prevent your AVI and trade account from being closed or locked”. Usually, the email (or SMS) will contain a dangerous link. If you open the link, you may be directed to a website that appears to be the AVI trade login page.

What will happen if you click on the link in a fake AVI email (or SMS)?

If you click on the link and enter your personal details (such as email and password), your AVI trade account will be compromised as you have just shared your login details with a criminal/scammer.

How to stay safe and protect yourself

  •  Remember that AVI does not send SMS
  •  Always check the “from:” address in emails. These are the only official AVI email addresses.
  •  If you receive a fake AVI email, do not click on any links and do not open any images or attachments.
  •  Report fake AVI SMS and emails by taking a screenshot and sending it to the officials of the platform
  •  To login to your trade account, use the official method we tell you to


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